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The above picture shows Mary, Andy, Valeri and Liz at Christmas 2007. The cats Simon, Kaitlyn, Mickey and Hutchess are just as much members of Team Jones, but are not pictured here.

Andy and Valeri met in California in 1987, when Andy was a Sergeant of Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. We have lived in Utah, snuggled up against the Wasatch Mountains, since 1992.  We have many different hobbies, which we will be sharing with you in subsequent pages.


Team Jones' Links

Meet the Family: Here you can find short bios of all the human members of Team Jones.

Meet the Cats: The cats of Team Jones, former and present, are introduced here.

See our Cannon: Yes, we own a cannon. Here's a pic of it, and some of our adventures in explosives.

See Valeri Race: A bit about what Solo racing is all about, and why Valeri's so addicted.

Andy and Valeri's Creative Side: Hey, it's a home page, isn't it? Of course there's poetry!

Some of our favorite Links: Other people's home pages, and some of our favorite "surfing" spots.

Valeri's first family: Pictures and a brief history of the Stapel Family.

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